BackReliever Decompression Belt

Dealing with sciatica or lower back pain can be tough. It can make simple tasks like getting out of bed or walking up stairs a real challenge. And it’s frustrating when temporary fixes like chiropractic visits or stretches only offer short-lived relief.

The BackReliever Decompression Belt is here to help. This innovative belt targets your lower back and hips, providing stability and boosting blood flow. It triggers your body’s natural healing process, offering long-lasting relief.

Just wear the belt for 2 weeks, and you could experience less pain and discomfort. Say goodbye to relying on painkillers or considering risky surgeries. Give your back the support it needs with the BackReliever Decompression Belt.

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BackReliever Decompression Belt
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A Breakthrough Solution for Sciatica and Back Pain

After 15 months of making prototypes and spending over $260,000 on testing in labs, we made the Back Reliever Decompression Belt.

It’s the only thing out there for sciatica that uses a special mix of three things: squeezing in the right spots, making certain muscles move, and putting pressure in just the right places.

Going after all three things that cause sciatica and back pain was the special trick that’s helped lots of people feel better.

It’s super easy to use and can help you feel better after just 2 hours a day.

Benefits of Back Reliever Decompression Belt

Benefits of BackReliever Decompression Belt

Decompression and Traction Therapy

The BackReliever Decompression Belt operates primarily through decompression therapy. By gently stretching the lower back and creating space between the spinal discs, the belt helps alleviate pressure on pinched nerves, degenerative discs, herniated discs, and bulging discs. This reduction in pressure facilitates the flow of water, oxygen, and nutrients to the discs, promoting faster healing and relief from pain.

Stabilization and Support

An unstable lower back can lead to episodes of pain and spasms with everyday actions. The BackReliever Decompression Belt provides essential support to the lower back, stabilizing the area and preventing such flares. This added stability not only aids in pain relief but also allows for the strengthening of back muscles with reduced discomfort.

Posture Improvement

Regular wear and tear, along with specific conditions like degenerative and herniated discs, can destabilize the back, making it prone to painful bending and muscle spasms. The BackReliever Decompression Belt offers strong support and stabilization for the lower back, encouraging a taller, straighter posture and reducing the strain and pain on the back.

Muscle Relaxation and Flexibility

The belt also targets tight and stiff muscles in the lower back. By inflating and gently stretching these muscles, the belt helps relieve muscle tension and stress on surrounding joints. This not only alleviates pain but also improves the range of motion and flexibility, making daily activities easier and less painful.

Portability and Ease of Use

Designed for convenience, the BackReliever Decompression Belt is portable and easy to use, allowing individuals to benefit from decompression therapy anywhere and anytime. It comes with a hand pump for inflation, providing clinical-grade traction and decompression on the go. The belt is also designed to fit comfortably under clothes, offering discreet support throughout the day.

Clinical Endorsement and Efficacy

Back decompression is a proven technique endorsed by medical professionals for the treatment of upper and lower back pain without the need for surgery. The BackReliever Decompression Belt harnesses this technology, providing a drug-free, non-invasive option for managing chronic back pain.

How BackReliever Works

How BackReliever Works

The Back Reliever Decompression Belt helps your spine stay stable and aligned. It targets the base of your spine to align the Sacroiliac Joint. It has special zones that gently press on your discs to ease pressure on your sciatic nerve, which helps reduce sciatica pain.

The belt also gives extra support to your hips, improving blood flow and keeping your joints moving smoothly. This helps your body heal itself.

Using it regularly can ease sciatica, lower back pain, hip pain, and SI Joint pain. It might even help reverse damage over time.

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Before and After Results

  • 97% of users with back pain, sciatica, and SI joint issues felt relief from day one.
  • 95% of users got rid of their sciatica within two weeks of consistent use (about 2 hours a day).
  • 92% of users fixed their lower back pain completely in two weeks of consistent use (about 1 hour a day).
Results of using BackReliever

How to Use BackReliever

1. Position the Belt

  • Wrap the belt around your lower back, positioning the inflatable air bladder portion directly over your lumbar spine area.
  • Use the two black markers on the belt to help center it properly on your back.

2. Secure the Belt

  • Thread the secure strap through the metal loop on the opposite end of the belt.
  • Hold the inner flap in position by gripping the loop.
  • Suck in your stomach to make your waist smaller.
  • Pull the secure strap until the belt feels tight but comfortable around your waist.

3. Inflate the Belt

  • Locate the air valve and attach the pump nozzle.
  • Use the hand pump to inflate the air bladder until it expands and applies gentle pressure on your lower back.
  • The belt should feel snug but not overly tight. You may need to adjust the secure strap as it inflates.

4. Wear for Relief

  • Once inflated, you can wear the decompression belt for 30-60 minutes at a time to experience lower back decompression and relief.
  • The belt gently stretches your spine, creating negative pressure to relieve compressed discs and pinched nerves.

5. Deflate and Remove

  • To take the belt off, simply unscrew the air valve to allow the air bladder to deflate completely.
  • Then loosen the secure strap and remove the belt from around your waist.


BackReliever is Developed And Endorsed By Chiropractors

Developed And Endorsed By Professionals

The Back Reliever Decompression Belt has been tested by us and other experts. We’ve also given it to many chiropractors to try on their clients with serious back problems.

Most chiropractors recommend it as one of the best and quickest ways to relieve pain anytime, anywhere.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you do not see results with the BackReliever Decompression Belt, just let us know to get a refund or a new product. We’ll fix it for you—whatever makes you happy. We ensure 100% satisfaction.

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60-Day Money Back Guarantee

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Customers of BackReliever

I’ve struggled with chronic back pain for years due to long hours at the office. After just a few weeks of using the BackReliever Decompression Belt, I can’t believe the difference it’s made! Not only has my daily discomfort significantly decreased, but I also feel more energized and able to tackle my busy schedule without constant pain holding me back. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for real relief from stubborn back issues.

Sarah Johnson

Yoga is my passion, but persistent back pain was starting to interfere with my practice and teaching. I’m so grateful I discovered the BackReliever Decompression Belt. Not only does it provide immediate relief during and after my yoga sessions, but it’s also helped me maintain proper alignment and prevent further injury. Now, I can fully focus on sharing my love for yoga with others without being held back by nagging back discomfort. It’s truly been a lifesaver for me.

Emily Chang

As someone who spent decades bending and lifting in my career as a mechanic, my back has taken quite a beating. I was skeptical about trying yet another back pain solution, but the BackReliever truly exceeded my expectations. The instant relief I feel when wearing it is incredible. Plus, after incorporating it into my daily routine for a few months, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my mobility and overall comfort. It’s been a game-changer for me, and I can’t thank the BackReliever team enough.

David Martinez